Opus 2792
Kumler Chapel
Western College Miami University
Oxford, Ohio
Completed 2009

Organ Specifications

Kumler Chapel, completed in 1918 was adapted from a Romanesque church in France, built by Thomas Hastings. It was a gift of Anna Kumler Wight and Ella Kumler McKelvy, daughters of a Presbyterian pastor. Its stained glass windows focus on women of the Bible and of Western College women. The chapel, with its outstanding acoustic, seats 235.

The original organ was built by Austin Organ Company in 1918, but had been silent for 30 years, due to a devastating steam leak and subsequent damage. Only some of the pipework from this instrument remains. The new organ incorporates some of these vintage sounds, but is a new tonal design that will serve the needs of this active space for performance, weddings, memorial services, teaching and practice for generations.


Great Division Pipework


Swell Division Pipework

Uni Air Chestb

Interior views of walk-in Airbox

Uni Air Chest