Office and Management Staff

  • MC
    Michael B. Fazio
    President & Tonal Director    
  • MC
    Richard G. Taylor
  • MC
    Raymond P. Albright
    Vice President & Engineering Director
  • MC
    Curtis E. Hawkes
    Project Manager
  • MC
    MJ Hart
    Executive Assistant
  • MC
    Daniel Kingman
    Associate Tonal Director

  • MC
    Bruce Coderre
  • MC
    Jacob Dowgewicz
    Factory Design & Sales Director


Our team of dedicated professionals is available to work with churches, committees and architects to design a new organ or redesign an existing installation to achieve a new tonal result.

Contact us to have a representative respond to your needs.

  • MC
    Bill Hesterman
    Salt Lake City, UT

    National Sales Coordinator
  • MC
    Ron Wyatt
    Galveston, TX
  • MC
    Carl Schwartz
    Silver Spring, MD
  • oldnfuzzy
    Austin Organs, Inc.
    A winning team.