New Organs

Opus 2795

At Austin Organs Inc., we promise not only that our work is of the highest standard and that our organs sound clean, clear, and distinctive, but we go an extra step to say that our instruments endure. Service-folk will happily attest to the reliability and ease of servicing most Austin installations, and that our organs, even those from the 1890's, are supported by new or equivalent replacement parts and support directly from our factory.

The tonal design of an Austin organ is deeply rooted in the English Tradition. With that said, the “American Classic” style has been a strong force in the development of what we are proud to call our own signature sound. Our tonal design concept is that an organ should be able to play music of nearly any period, bereft of the limitations imposed by constraining an organ to a single national school of tonal design. This is an idealistic approach, of course, but with this concept as a goal, we are emboldened to keep our designs versatile and eclectic. We believe that balance is absolutely key. We take particular pride in building organs with singing, warm choruses, all the voices of which have to be combined and carefully voiced so that they form a cohesive ensemble.

Mechanically, the Austin Universal Airchest design can accommodate nearly any installation limitation. The design is intuitive: chambers that might barely fit a modest two-manual design of a competitor may very well fit a rather generous three manual organ with our system. Furthermore, every new organ is built to be serviceable such that the pipework can be easily accessed for routine tuning. It is because of these considerations that organists and church committees consistently attest to the many advantages of an Austin Organ.